3 Blogging Habits to Make Your Blog Rock!

Blogging HabitsAs I begin writing my new blog about Small Business Marketing, one of the biggest challenges will be committing the time that it takes to write a useful and resourceful blog. Reflecting on my “Why” (why do I want to write this blog), I have a deep desire to help small business owners, especially women, take their businesses to the next level. This “why” motivates me to bring the best and most useful content to my friends and colleagues in marketing their small businesses.

As a new blogger, I’m making a serious effort to develop habits that will make my blog rock! Here are three that may help you in your business as well.

1. Listen, Pay Attention & Take Note – When I am out and about during the day, meeting and speaking with small business owners in San Diego, I find that there is a theme to the questions that I’m asked. I really need to listen to these questions because if multiple people are asking a similar set of questions, this is a key indicator that this could be great material to write about. There are many phone apps that you can use to make notes with, voice recorders or good old fashioned paper and pen. Choose whatever method works for you and make an effort to write down common themes. This will help you leverage your time and really answer common questions for the masses.

2. Commit to a Blogging Schedule - A great way to build blog readership is to provide frequent fresh material for your readers. This will help to maximize the impact of your blog, and build a loyal and active community. Make an effort to provide information that is valuable to your readers on a regular basis. If you do, they will keep coming back for more. Committing to a schedule will also create consistency in your life. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, the days can get crazy. Committing to a schedule, putting it into your calendar, and not compromising will help you to build and maintain a readership of potential customers that rock!

3. Promote, Promote, Promote - Don’t spend time writing blog articles and fail to promote them. Make sure that you use your marketing resources to promote your blog. Online, use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Social Bookmarking sites. You can also put a link to your blog or RSS feed in your email signature using a program like Wise Stamp. If you’re networking offline, and you have a 30-second commercial, you can mention your newest blog entry. Make sure to include your blog on your flyers, business cards, ¬†and in conversations with people, especially if you feel that your blog could be of value.

Developing one or all of these habits will really take your blog to the next level. Building a community is not easy. It takes a strong commitment to creating your vision. The worst thing you can do as a blogger is not blog! There is a community of people out there waiting for your strength, encouragement, and knowledge. They need you, just as much as you need them. So, go forth and blog! I will be right here with you, developing great blogging habits because I’m committed to helping women achieve their dreams in business.

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